Temporary Shifts

Temporary shifts can be used when you need that extra shift in a specific week.
Written by Sani
Updated 2 years ago
  • The temporary shift button is located at the bottom of  your weekly schedule:

  • Add a temporary shift by clicking on '+' or 'Add a temporary shift':

Fill in:

  1. Shift name i.e 'Bartender'.
  2. Role i.e 'Bartender'.
  3. Start time i.e '18:00'.
  4. End time i.e '00:00'.
  5. Click 'Create' to add.

You can also add a temporary shift from the employee view.
This is best used when you know you want to assign a temporary shift to a specific person.

  1. In employee view
  2. Click on the employee you wish to assign the shift at:
  3. Swipe to the end of the assign shifts until you see the '+' sign.
  4. Click on the '+' sign and follow fill up the information to assign temporary shift.

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