Set-up your Schedule template

Now you know what a schedule template is and how to use it, let's go ahead and create your first template.
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Updated 2 years ago
Let's create your first shift on the schedule template.
  1. Click the (::) on top left, to go to management panel.
  2. Click on 'Schedule Template'.
  3. Click the '+' sign.
  4. Select 'Add Shift (+)'.
  5. Add shift name, i.e 'Bartender'.
  6. Click on role and select the appropriate role for the shift, i.e 'Bartender'.
  7. Select the start time by scrolling down to the time the shift starts.
  8. Select the end time by scrolling down to the time the shift ends.
  9. Add break time, if fixed break time.
  10. Adjust required coverage by clicking on the '+' or '-' sign of each day. Required coverage is the number of persons required for that specific shift, the specific day.

See screenshot below for reference:

Split shifts
You can add a split shift by clicking 'Add split shift' and adding a second start and end time for your shift.
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