The reports section will give you analytical information about, your team, shifts, working hours, cost & sales and more.
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Updated 2 years ago
You can find reports by clicking '::' at the top left of the screen under the title 'Reports':

You can filter reports by 'Date', 'name' and / or 'roles' to get an in-app preview of how many shifts have been done during that specific time frame.
How many shifts did a specific employee do, for a specific time frame and / or how many shifts a role had within that time frame.

By clicking on 'Export reports' you get a detailed report on your email. Exporting reports can only be filtered by 'date'. You will receive an excel sheet, with the following information:

  • Team working hours (you can see how many hours your team members worked during that time frame).
  • Print version where you can print your schedule for that time period.
  • All shifts
  • Annual Leave Summary (to have a view of how may leave days someone has claimed through his annual leave allowance).
  • And an individual view of all the information of your team members. (days working, what shift, hour duration.)
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