Day View

The day view feature helps you make daily adjustments on your schedule, such us changing specific shift times, extending shift times and more.
Written by Sani
Updated 2 years ago
Day view is great when you have to adjust the working times of shifts daily.  For example you need a shift to come in 30 minutes earlier, or leave an hour later. This can be easily adjusted through the day view. Also you can have a daily representation of your cost & sales.

Day view is accessed by clicking on a 'Day' i.e (Wed) in your weekly schedule:

You can filter your view by clicking on more:

By clicking on a specific shift, you can:

  • Assign a different shift to that employee
  • Move left or right to change the working hours
  • Or drag left or right to increase working hours.

Click 'done' to save changes.

Click 'publish' to upload changes to your team.

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